Jenna Bouche – The Ass-Fucked Romantic

The Ass-Fucked Romantic

The Ass-Fucked Romantic

Jenna Bouche, a 46-year-old wife from Jacksonville, Florida, fucks again, and this time, she's Nurse Jenna, and she's taking care of her sick patient by sucking his cock really deep and letting him fuck her pussy and ass. Actually, "letting him" implies that she's doing it just for him. She isn't. Jenna loves anal sex. She loves fucking porn cock. Actually, she loves cock in general. She and her husband are swingers.

We asked Jenna, "If time were frozen for 24 hours, what would you do and where would you go?"

"I love the beach," she said. "I would go running barefoot in the morning then relax with a blanket and a good book for the rest of the morning. Then I'd check into a great hotel on the beach, get a good drink by the pool then follow that up with a massage and a nap. I'd take a long sunset stroll and then sleep that night with the doors open so I could fall asleep listening to the waves."

And sex? How about sex?"

"Of course. Maybe a stranger with a hard-on will talk through that open door."

Don't you love a romantic?

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Lilly – Lilly’s Secret

Lilly's Secret

Lilly's Secret

"I masturbate more often now that my two children are out of the house and starting their own families," said Lilly, a 49-year-old divorcee from the Czech Republic. "I don't wear any clothes at home so whenever I feel horny, I can just lie down and fuck myself with my toys. I've even done it on the dining room table. I hope that stays a secret."

Uh, Lilly, sorry to say this, but your secret is out. But we promise not to tell anyone else.

"Sometimes I go to the market in a dress without a bra or panties and flash people. I absolutely love being watched."

Which partly explains why she's here at

"I'm not worried about being seen when I masturbate or when I have sex for that matter. I am definitely a nudist. Being watched doesn't bother me. In fact, it turns me on. The wildest sex I've ever had was in public. I was with my ex-husband in the car on the highway. We had just had an argument and I was feeling bad about something. I leaned over and started sucking his cock. Then I unbuckled and climbed on top of him. I was straddling him, rocking on him, while he drove. People honked, but I just kept on fucking."

Kinda makes you wonder if they were in the express lane, doesn't it?

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Isadora Venturini, Rafael Gomes

Isadora and Rafael kiss each other passionately, their bodies close against each other and their dicks touching. Isadora crouches down to suck her lover's dick and pulls on her own throbbing tranny shlong at the same time. She makes her way around to the other side of his muscular body and uses her tongue to pleasure his tingling asshole. He does the same to her backside, taking it a step further by pulling apart her anus cheeks and sticking his fist into her sphincter. Then he bangs that tranny hole making her dickhead wobble about with the power of his thrusts. He gives her another fisting, and goes in so deep he almost looses his arm in her anus.

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Monet is an hot African American princess who has never been shy about her body. When she takes this guy back to her place, she struts her stuff for him in a tight white miniskirt. She's hungry for something innocent, so she gets herself a popsicle and demonstrates just what she can do with her mouth. Off goes her miniskirt and thong as she crams that popsicle into her juicy slot. This guy can't stand to sit back and watch anymore; he stands up, slides his pants off and crams his dong into her mouth. She likes it better than that popsicle she was eating.

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