Suga Squirtz – Suga Gets Stiffed

Suga Gets Stiffed

Suga Gets Stiffed

It's a grey day along the marina. Not a cheery place for the lovely, sweet-faced girl named Suga Squirtz. Suga seems lonely sitting on the bench, pulling her tight tank top down to show some deep cleavage to no one in particular. You love a girl who can admire herself. Walking along the water, she passes Tony talking on his cell phone and stops when he says hello. So right off the snap, he knows... he knows this is not some snotty bitch who thinks she's better than the man in the street. This is a responsive girl, a friendly girl. Maybe a girl who will fuck him.

Suga was waiting for a friend but she hasn't shown up, she tells Tony. She's lost. Ever the gentleman, Tony offers to help. He lives nearby. Suga asks if she can use his phone. They go to his apartment at his suggestion so she can call her friend although he's got a phone in his hand. Sharp dude. At his place, in the bedroom, Suga makes her call and then sits on the bed next to him. Thinking forward, Tony immediately begins to fondle her soft, cushy chest. Suga is totally responsive and it looks like a lock that Suga is going to lick Tony's cock-cone within a matter of seconds. From the second he saw her, he was aching to be inside her pussy.

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Alexya – The Alexya Effect

The Alexya Effect

The Alexya Effect

Alexya, the girl with the Mona Lisa smile, has a body made for swimsuits and for peeling off those suits. We brought her to a spa with a swimming pool, turned on the camera and turned her loose to watch her get comfy and cozy. Alexya has a seductive, erotic style all her own. Sensual and yearning, relaxed and uninhibited, laid-back, dreamy and informal. She knows that the "Alexya effect" drives us crazy.

Alexya's been the number-one rated girl in the Model Directory since her debut. Considering how mild her posing is compared to so many other SCORE and V-mag Girls, that speaks volumes, not just about Alexya but the mind of the SCORELAND Man also.

The July 2016 Voluptuous awards issue features the contest winners of 2015 and Alexya is the Newcomer of the Year winner. Juliana Simms was second and Larissa Linn was third. Alexya had 30% of the website votes before all of the magazine ballots and emailed votes were included in the final count.

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Krissy Rose – Doing a stud for Hubby

Doing a stud for Hubby

Doing a stud for Hubby

Lives: Las Vegas, Nevada; Occupation: Store clerk; Status: Married; Age: 38; Born: March 1; Ht: 5'4"; Wt: 138 pounds; Bras: 36F; Panties: Boyshorts; Anal: Love it! BJs: Always swallow; Diddle: Don't have to.

"I don't have a favorite way to fuck," said Krissy. "For all you girls out there reading this with your guys, let me tell you...if you get into the habit of only cumming one way, your body will get used to it and you'll be stuck like that. You can cum different ways by working your clit or having your guy do it for you while you're screwing. Then your system will become more adaptable. That's what happened with me and now I always cum two or three times; loud, violent cums that shake my whole body and have me gushing, I'm proud to say."

"I'm here for my husband. He's a bit of a voyeur. We've done light swinging, but he's always been in the room when I fuck somebody else. This time, he's at home. He's going to have to wait to watch this. I'm sure he's going to love it. I hope you do, too!"

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Kinga Farsang, Janos Nemeth

Kinga Farsang is certainly willing to try anything once - she's whipping out the strap on and going to town on this adult diaper wearing Janos Nemeth. She loves pulling back and fucking deep into his backside, getting herself so worked up that she's almost ready to cream right when she starts. She gets her diaper wearing boyfriend into so many positions that he is almost overwhelmed with how intense it's getting. He certainly ends up completely overwhelmed once she drives him to empty his cum into his diaper.

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Kat Dior, Eric John

Naughty Kat Dior is the naughtiest step-daughter ever! When her step-dad, Eric John comes in her room, she's just laying there in cut-off shorts and a top that barely covers her perky tits. Eric can't resist and gives in to his lustful, forbidden desires. He strips her down and gladly munches on her shaved box. He jams his super-hard pecker in her firm cunt and hears Kat scream and moan as he rides this coed bitch to the max! But what Kat really wants to do is feast on Eric's bare asshole! After mouthing on his balls, she plants her face firmly in his crack and starts lapping up his bung!

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Angel Vain, Mae Olsen, Chris Strokes

Freaky white couple, Chris Strokes and Angel Vain catch her naughty babysitter with weed! To make up for being such a trouble-maker, Angel Vain invites Mae into an orgy that she soon won't forget. They lie on the floor and suck on Chris' fat wang missile. Mae gets her asshole cleaned and then dragged on top of the couch where Chris slams the living shit out of her nano college slut fuckhole. He pounds it so fucking hard that little Mae is about to cry. Big-rump Angel hops on next and creams all over that wang!

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Rafaela Bom Bom, Matheus Axell, Igor Negao

This black bisexual action is totally intense! The video begins in a standard fashion, with mature ethnic woman Rafaela stripping and posing. She really has got a hot set of boobs, along with a rough and unshaveN snatch. She is joined by studs Mattheus and Igor, who both take a nipple each and start to suck. However, all hell breaks loose as all of a sudden Mattheus impales himself Igor's cock! This male on male ass pumping action takes the diva by surprise, but she soon comes around and starts to suck Matheus's dick while he gets ass fucked. This sets the tone for the rest of the episode, and it's an orgy of boobs, cocks and assholes.

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Faith Leon, Tyler Wood

Faith isn't really comfortable with sex, but after an interview with us she'll pleading for more weiner! This aspiring slut needs money for school and we needed to find the next top pornstar. We brought in Tyler to teach Faith a few things about what it takes to be a centerfold!

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