Carla4Garda Has A Fetish For The Men In Blue

Category: BBW, Big Ass, Big Tits, Hardcore, HD Porn | Date: 6 July 2018

Carla4Garda Has A Fetish For The Men In Blue

Carla4Garda Has A Fetish For The Men In Blue

Irish policemen, known as the Garda in the Republic of Ireland, give Carla4Garda a fat lady boner or "fanny flutters" as she calls it. While she was in Prague for XL Girls, even the sight of the local Czech cops on patrol in the streets worked her up.

"My cop fetish has made me famous," Carla4Garda told us. "It was big news here when myself and a Garda made a clip for a porn website. The whole country went crazy over it."

Carla4Garda gives this man in blue a gift and it's not blue balls. He rides her hard and puts her away wet, fucking her on a table and dicking down her big, fat tits.

"My kinkiest encounter would be one of my meets with a cop. We arranged to meet one night while he was on duty. It was about 3 AM and he was alone. We met on a road and he had the blue lights of the car flashing. It excited me so much. I pulled up beside him and he instructed me to follow him. We ended up down this quiet lane.

"I parked my car up and got in the back of the squad car where he joined me. He looked so sexy in his uniform. We kissed and then fucked fairly quickly. I rode the shit outta him on that back seat. We then got out and he said to lie on the bonnet where he put my knees up and fucked me hard. I was gushing all over it was so good."

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