Demmy’s Tropical Titillation

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Demmy's Tropical Titillation

Demmy's Tropical Titillation

Is there any girl more proud of her ultra-curvy body and big boobs than Demmy Blaze? She's a fantasy girl in the flesh, the kind seen in dreams. Wearing a one-piece purple swimsuit open down the middle, Demmy struts around the idyllic tropical resort with her long wrap. Away from a studio, Demmy can stroll in the sun, her beautifully-shaped, large, natural breasts jiggling.

"There's so much of me," Demmy softly says in her accented English, her hands caressing her tits. "So much boobies," Demmy giggles. She's about to take her twin peaks out--something very easy to do the way that swimsuit is designed--then wiggles her forefinger. "Later," she says, meaning we'll see what's under her suit in just in a few minutes. Demmy pulls up the bottom of her suit, then slowly takes it off completely. She likes to take things slow and easy, gradually building up the anticipation, the expectation.

Totally nude, Demmy lies on a lounger and jiggles her shapely butt, then gets on her back, legs parted, exposing her pussy lips. A topless model since she began in 2016, Demmy had shied away from full-frontal, keeping her bottoms on in her shoots. Getting off the loungers, Demmy reaches for a garden hose and gets dripping-wet. Walking to the beach with just her wrap trailing in the wind, Demmy turns and signals for us to follow.

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