Scarlett’s Flirting

Category: Amateur, Hardcore, HD Porn, Solo | Date: 19 February 2018

Scarlett's Flirting

Scarlett's Flirting

When you look at Scarlett, you might get the impression that because of her tats and her tit flashing that she's easy. Well, you'd be mistaken. "I'm not a super freak," she told us. "I have a normal, healthy sex life. Having my boyfriend take these pictures is the wildest thing I've ever done.

"My guy and I have a great time hanging out. Whenever one of us tells the other person that they're starting to get bored, the other one will start teasing. When my guy teases me, he'll get himself hard in his pants and then conspicuously position his crotch near my face. Like, he'll grab something off of the bookshelf behind my head. When I tease him, I'll slip off my panties and then flash him my pussy secretly until he notices. Once the other person realizes what's going on, we end up fucking. It's a cute game, and I think we're adorable together."

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