Why we love Rebecca Love

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Why we love Rebecca Love

Why we love Rebecca Love

When I interviewed Rebecca Love, she had her legs behind her head for a good portion of the interview. Her open, pink pussy and beckoning asshole were in my line of sight the whole time.

Sometimes people say to me, "Dave, how do you hold it together when you're interviewing these girls?" Well, if they mean, "How do you keep from whipping out your cock and fucking them on the spot?" the answer is that I try to be a professional. I'm there to do a job. The studs are there to do the other part of the job. But the fact is, I don't hold it together. I'm sitting there wanting to fuck them on the spot. Rebecca especially.

She was so cute but so nasty, so matter-of-fact about sitting there having a discussion while her fuck holes were on display for all the world--including me--to see. I have no recollection of what she said in that interview. All I remember is her pussy. She was stroking it and sticking her fingers inside and showing even more pink. She knew the effect she was having on me. So I went back to see what she said.

"The average guy who walks into the room and I'm laying there with my pussy spread and my feet behind my head, and I say, 'Do this'? He would cum before he even got in!" Rebecca said. "Or he'd get too intimidated. Because me laying here like this is a little aggressive. I would probably go a little bit slower and ease him into it. I wouldn't tell him what to do, but I'd show him."

I said to her, "Are you comfortable sitting like that with your legs behind your head and your pussy spread?" and she said, "Yeah. It actually feels kinda good, and I like sitting with my pussy spread. It's easier to get to."

For many years, getting to Rebecca's pussy wasn't the most-difficult thing in the world. She did a lot of hardcore scenes, including this one, in which she does a cage dance then sucks and fucks a real cock. Really raunchy stuff.

"I love fucking!" she said. "It's just that raunchy, hardcore, grab onto the hips, slam into her, spit, grab, nails, you know? Tearing into one another. Yeah! Slam your dick into me! Cum all over my titties! And that big, hard cock is slamming into my juicy, wet pussy. Fuck, yeah! Well, you get the point, right? Dirty, fucking cock!"

Rebecca isn't fucking on-camera anymore, but I have to think she's still doing a lot of fucking. Can you just imagine walking into a room and seeing Rebecca with her legs behind her head? I can. I've been there. I wouldn't mind being there again.

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